Good variety of moderate to difficult low volume steep creeking, difficult to catch at the right levels but awesome boating if you do. Good road access to most runs although a few require short walk-ins.

When to go

Rivers are rainfed and are possible from Nov to April, with the best chance of good levels in Feb/March. The waterlevels are unpredictable and difficult to catch: keep an eye on the weather and if there has been no rain it will not be worth making the trip.

How to get there

Most of the best paddling is in Northern Portugal, so it is convenient to fly into the capital Porto.


Public transport would be impossible, so you will need your own vehicle. Almost all runs have road access (although typical road quality is poor), and shuttles are short enough to hitch/cycle. Navigation is tricky (almost no road signs, and lots of little roads) so a sat-nav is recommended and as big-scale maps as you can find.