New Zealand

Boating in NZ can be anything from cruisy grade 3 up to a heli-ride into the hills for 3 days of gorge boating. A boater's paradise.

When to go

Kayaking occurs year-round, but the main season is from Nov-April. Paddling is possible outside this season in the winter months but be prepared for the cold.

How to get there

Fly into Christchurch on the South Island: the area around Auckland is better known for sea rather than whitewater kayaking. Wellington is a possible option. The most popular kayak hang-out is probably Murchison on the South Island.


You'll need you own vehicle, but as this is a very popular kayaking destination it may be possible to hook up with other boaters once you get there who already have one. For the remoter runs helicopters are commonly used and easy to hire: separate groups will often share to reduce the costs so it is worth asking around.


Wild camping is easy, and there is plenty of good cheap hostel/hotel accomodation.