Morocco (High Atlas)

Good variety of easy to moderate difficulty runs from single to multi-day in the High Atlas mountain range. Road infrastructure is reasonable, and flights from Europe are relatively cheap.

When to go

Rivers are snow and rain fed and the best chance of good levels is April-May.

How to get there

Plenty of cheap flights are available into Marrakesh which is worth exploring during your trip. Although there are a few local rivers, the bulk of the Atlas mountain range is about a day's drive. An alternative if you were aiming for the more northern runs would be to fly directly to Fez instead.


Public transport might be possible but very slow. You really need your own vehicle and a dedicated driver since a lot of the shuttles would be infeasible to fit into the same day as the paddle. The road infrastructure is reasonable and you can get by without a 4x4 quite easily.


Outside the main cities English is unlikely to be understood, instead French is widely spoken alongside Arabic. If you hire a local driver it is essential to have at least a rudimentary understanding of French.


At easter the weather should be sunny but not too hot, and you'll probably get a few downpours.


Wild camping is easy anywhere, and the main paddling areas are well populated with plenty of cheap clean hotels.


In larger towns there are ATMs that will accept Visa, although expect some bank network problems preventing you from reliably getting at your cash (make sure you keep a cash buffer with you!).