Short, low volume flashy rivers: difficult to catch at the right levels, but rewarding when you do.

When to go

Rivers are rainfed and levels are unpredictable: the best chance of good levels is in the winter months Oct-April. To make it more complicated many of the river catchments are boggy and hold water before it reaches the river -- this makes guessing river levels a black art.

How to get there

Ireland is generally flat in the middle with the mountainous bits spread along the coast. The Wicklow mountains are the largest upland area -- for these you can base yourself in Dublin which has an international airport. However, the east coast gets less rain on average than the west coast: more reliable paddling can be found in the north west around Donegal.


You will need your own vehicle, but road access is very good and shuttles are short so cycling/hitching/walking them should not be difficult.