Spectacular commiting gorge paddling of medium difficulty with long shuttles.

When to go

Rivers are rain-fed, and the best chance of water is from April-May.

How to get there

Athens is a convenient place to fly in to, although plenty of options are available depending on what runs you are trying to cover.


Trying to use public transport would be nearly impossible, so you need your own vehicle (4x4 is not required but in some cases would be useful). Because of the gorged nature of most of the runs, shuttling is arduous and Greek roads are slow and often in poor condition. If you have the money hiring a vehicle and driver would be ideal, if not at least make sure you have enough space in hire cars to drop a car at the takeout and fit everyone & boats in the other to drive directly to the putin (i.e. avoid double-ended shuttles). Hitching/cycling shuttles is not feasible. Navigation can be problematic, get a good map: note the road coverage on some satnavs is so poor they are useless, this may improve but don't rely on it.


Greek signposts can be difficult to decypher, so get familar with the alphabet before you go. In the south English will be understood by most, but once you travel into the mountainous north, Greek will be your only option.


Mild-to-hot during both day and night with sporadic showers, expect sun and take suncream.


Easiest to take camping gear as wild camping is easy. No doubt there are plenty of hotels/hostels, but the northern areas are sporadically populated and it will be difficult to find somewhere to stay on short notice. This would be easier in the south which is more touristy.